Art Inspiration

4 Jun

I love the artist Kandinsky and am happy when a landscape design allows me to use his work as inspiration.   The strong lines in this piece seemed perfect for a mid-century house with a backyard viewed mainly from a second story deck.  You see the beginning outlineIMG_1264 of a hardscape plan (paths, patios, anything not green and growing in a landscape) that will add a punch of visual interest from above as well as at grade.




Below is the finished plan.  Installation will begin in a few weeks and I hope to post the outcome.

IMG_1538 (1)


15 May



Just across the street from my kitchen window is the backyard of a rental house which faces a busy street.  The rental had large shrubs which blocked my sight of rushing cars and headlights.  When the tenants decided to chop down the shrubs, I was looking out my window at an unsightly yard and on to traffic. After a year keeping the shades down, it was time for a landscaping solution.

Behind the screen is a courtyard,  low plantings the bottom and my view is enhanced dramatically. The design was built by Cedarscapes.  It’s clear cedar, black paint that lasts for thirty years and opaque plexiglass.

Wildflowers in the Columbia Gorge

19 Apr

What a beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Life is good. Memaloose Overlook close to The Dalles.




First Sighting of Cherry Blooms in Central Park

31 Mar

Today is just down right hot in the big apple. But it does force the cherry blossoms to bloom. This morning the trees are showing more green and the saucer magnolias are in their prime.

Spring in Central Park

30 Mar

It’s a happening place. Last night at Columbus Square in a Whole Foods with 30 checkout stands I waited 20 minutes to buy yogurt and a banana for breakfast this morning. This country bumpkin is okay with small. Anyway, morning in Central Park at 6:30am I was happy. Life is perfect. The Elms and London Planes are leafing out. The cherry blooms are just popping AND the sun is shining.


Professional Photos from the Spring Home and Garden Show

7 Mar

Now that we’ve rested, done laundry and made return calls to folks interested in landscape designs, the professional photos from the our garden came. Wow aren’t they great. These gardens (for 15 years) have always been a lot of work with both planning and installing, but at the end of the day, its been fun to challenge our creative juices.
09-0347 PDX H&G Show 2016

10-0332 PDX H&G Show 2016

Akebana* Edgeworthia — Oolala

1 Mar

This 4 years old edgeworthia at my back door was in full bloom today. It’s color has been coming on for about 3 weeks and these blooms will last about 2 weeks. Each bloom is the size of a golf ball and fragrant. Oolala, how can you beat that?
*Gossler Nursery, Springfield,Oregon 541 746 3922

Anna Wiancko Chasman’s Horse

29 Feb


The blue set lighting was had to work with, but this is a better picture of the horse. I bet there are 100’s of better pictures than this taken last weekend.

Most Photographed Horse at Portland Home & Garden Show

29 Feb


Anna Wiancko Chasman loaned us her clay and wood sculpture for the well attended home & garden show. Folks came by all 4 days taking pictures of the horse in our garden. It had the happiest face. I’m sure it was the most photographed piece at the show. Thank you Anna for sharing your work with us.

Portland Home & Garden Show this Weekend at Expo Center

26 Feb


It was busy today. Lots of folks are planning landscape projects this spring. The bubbling urn is a big draw and pretty easy for DIY. I like to watch people trying to figure out how things are put together.