Side Yard Make Over

An inconspicuous side yard becomes a place to be.  

The raised bed is made of steel with a built-in bench on two sides.  The owner fell for an off-the-shelf water feature.  Boulders already on site and moss from the shady front entry found a new home.  A few plants were added to the space, but some were simply planted in better places.  Now grown-ups want to hang out near the play house, perhaps drinking a spot of make believe tea.

Art Inspiration

I previously posted this promising an update of the finished landscape.  It was installed last season and now things are beginning to fill in.

I love the artist Kandinsky and am happy when a landscape design allows me to use his work as inspiration.   The strong lines in this piece seemed perfect for a mid-century house with a backyard viewed mainly from a second story deck.  You see the beginning outlineIMG_1264 of a hardscape plan (paths, patios, anything not green and growing in a landscape) that will add a punch of visual interest from above as well as at grade.


Poppies in the mist

Sometimes it's the little things that count, but these big red poppies count more.  In their first three years they were half the height with two or three blooms.  Underwhelming.  But this year they leapt to greatness.  They make such a statement that my friend, Amanda Zito (, pulled out her mini sketch pad and tiny water color set and while I was fiddling around in the kitchen and created this lovely watercolor of them.